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Share Food for family life Cookbook is collection of recipes for families by Jessica Diplock. It is a keepsake  book with amazing recipes to feed a family. Her dips, desserts and soups were so comforting and nourishing. Everything was made from scratch and love..

What a fulfilling experience it was to see Jessica's dream and vision coming true. Not only that it was an absolute pleasure to connect with her and cherish her friendship.


The picture credit and direction goes to a talented photographer Danella Chalmers. 


Creative Styling, backgrounds and selected props by me.

This book can be sourced directly from here 

I am beauty Cookbook is a vibrant collection of recipes by Chole Maschin.

She runs a beauty treatment studio in Potts point.  This recipe book is a part of reset protocol journey that will help reset your body and mind with a more holistic approach to nourishment. Recipes are simple and yet nourishing.


This book is gorgeous with vibrant , clean images beautifully directed and captured by Danella Chalmers. 

Creative styling, backgrounds and props curated by me 

Do check more about this exciting reset protocol here.


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