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Promoting your brand through Social media.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The power of visual branding is well known and well established, but as a busy entrepreneur, how can you leverage this tool ?

Well today, I am super pumped up & excited to share pictures from a recent photo shoot for a client with whom I have been well acquainted and have previously worked with.

Madhouse bakery ( my client approached me with an interesting proposal this time. Madhouse Bakery are a socially conscious bakery wholesaler who boast a clientele from airlines to café’s to caterers to hotels. Their irresistible time tested favourites are an absolute treat to the visual & gastronomical senses and are an ambrosial treat not to be missed for any excuse. If you are from Sydney or simply happen to be passing by, they are definitely a bakery shop to stop by and sample a few of their goodies. Moreover, mind you, you will be doing the society a favour.

he proposal for me was to twist the basic cookie dough with some interesting toppings. Definitely, a stimulating & challenging assignment for me. This was the equivalent of being given some warm earth to mould it to the beautiful world we live in. I usually make the basic dough myself but their ready to use dough was an easy shortcut to reaching one’s destination faster, the equivalent of being given a free pass to the front of the stage.

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