• Shibani Mishra

Recent Styling for Madhouse bakery

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

“Temptation goes by many names and you’ll find them all at Madhouse Bakehouse”.

Madhouse bakery is one of my favourite client to work with. I have collaborated with them on numerous occasions, sometimes for styling and many other times doing bother styling and photography for their branding and promotion too. My recent collaboration was a styling assignment where I was fortunate to work with an uber talented photographer Ryan linnegar.

Katherine and Ellen from Madhouse bakery are absolutely easy to work with. Also let me tell you, if you haven’t tasted their baked goodies, then you are missing out the whole world of delicious goodness. It's fresh and only premium ingredients are used and everything is baked from scratch.

A huge selections to choose from..The mouthwatering array of brownies, cakes, slices and cookies are in hot demand all over Australia. Their new website is coming out and these photos will be part of that. Not only that, this chocolatey big banner is going to be on the facade their office building. How cool is that ....

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