Shibani Mishra - Food Photographer and Stylist

Hey there ,

I' m  Shibani

Welcome to my space....

As a photographer & stylist, I bring a wealth of experience on how to elevate your brand using the power of beautiful imagery. 

I can help you increase your business & brand visibility through pictures & videos that tell your story in a way that resonates deeply & passionately with your consumers and customers.

As a food 


My passion is to create organic and authentic images that tell amazing stories about the food. With crisp light and delicious compositions I strive for the omph  factor that pulls viewers in. I want to help you reach your audience and fill your ever growing demand for stunning photography.

I believe that images are an extremely effective medium to narrate a story, and it is a well-researched fact than an image has a 65X better retention in spatial memory than words. I have helped clients build their brand presence on line through advanced photographs and Videos that remain fresh & contemporary that helps bring in accretive business growth for my clients. 

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As a food Stylist

I believe that styling is a reflection of your personality. If people are going to look at your images, don’t you want them to remember you as unique and one that has the character of being a sure winner? Styling is way to tell without having to speak. Styling is an expression of imagination

With an artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail, I work closely with food photographer to bring food to life visually.My  passion for food reflects in my styling making the food the focus of every image

Ready to take your brand to the next level.

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What I do..

I help brands bring life to their offering through photography and styling.

Sponsored post packages include an original recipe, mouthwatering images featuring your brand or product, and social media posts.

I offer a full range of food photography & food styling  services for advertising, product development, cookbooks, websites, and any printed media.

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A good picture says good things….A great picture leaves behind a legend.

In today's world we live on images. We are constantly bombarded with visuals. 

Now how do you want to stand out ???? Creating visuals that grabs the 3 sec attention of human is key to success and a way to stand out among the crowd. 

Does your current visuals and branding do that justice for you???

Would you like to leave behind a digital breadcrumb trail that your customers will follow and knock on your doors?  Ready to take on the challenge to move your business to the next level?

Yes - I hear you … 

I employ statistically proven techniques of visual placement and blend light & props to bring out the best that you have to offer. Please feel free to browse the many samples I have on my site and give me a call to discuss how I may be able to assist you in your branding journey


Do you have a creative vision you think I could be apart of?

Awesome - I'm excited to hear from you.

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