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Hey there ,   I' m  Shibani

Welcome to my space....A Sydney Food/ Product photographer & Food stylist , I bring a wealth of experience on how to elevate your brand using the power of beautiful imagery. ​I can help you increase your business & brand visibility through stunning pictures & videos that tell your story in a way that resonates deeply & passionately with your consumers and customers.

Shibani Mishra |  Food Photographer Sydney
Food Photographer Sydney | Shibani mishra

As a food photographer ​

My passion is to create organic and authentic images that tell amazing stories about the food. With crisp light and delicious compositions I strive for the omph  factor that pulls viewers in. I want to help you reach your audience and fill your ever growing demand for stunning photography.I believe that images are an extremely effective medium to narrate a story, and it is a well-researched fact than an image has a 65X better retention in spatial memory than words. I have helped clients build their brand presence on line through advanced photographs and Videos that remain fresh & contemporary that helps bring in accretive business growth for my clients. 

As a food Stylist

I believe that styling is a reflection of your personality. If people are going to look at your images, don’t you want them to remember you as unique and one that has the character of being a sure winner? Styling is way to tell without having to speak. Styling is an expression of imagination With an artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail, I work closely with food photographer to bring food to life visually.My  passion for food reflects in my styling making the food the focus of every image

Food Stylist Sydney | Shibani mishra


I believe in connecting with brands and giving them the best. Each and shoot is an unique project and it starts from simply from curating ideas and shaping those ideas into visually pleasing images.


My business has thrived because I am passionate about their vision and combining my technical skills of photography and lighting  with artistic skills of styling helps in creating high quality images. Get in touch with me for customised quotes.

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